Meaning of Pollyannaish in English:



See Pollyanna

‘As you can see from my summation, this is an optimistic work, but thanks to focused direction by Bridget Ryan and a measured, intelligent, and believable script, this production manages to be upbeat without being Pollyannaish or maudlin.’
  • ‘Does this mean that active learning is, as Mattson characterizes it, an idealistic sham perpetuated by Pollyannaish administrators and workshop facilitators?’
  • ‘It may seem Pollyannaish to find anything positive about the current political landscape, but this could be seen as a moment of opportunity for progressives.’
  • ‘‘I'm not being Pollyannaish here; the race will be a close one,’ read one, ‘but… this drama has a ways to go before it fully unfolds.’’
  • ‘Environmental groups like the Center for Native Ecosystems, by contrast, have already criticized the USFWS's population estimate as Pollyannaish.’