Meaning of polo neck in English:

polo neck

Pronunciation /ˈpəʊləʊ ˌnɛk/

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  • 1British A high, close-fitting, turned-over collar on a sweater.

    North American term turtleneck

    ‘Forget the jodhpurs, turn up your polo-neck and stride out in soft white jeans; a fresh, bright outfit that's practical too.’
    • ‘She wore a loose white sweater with a polo neck and a dark green skirt.’
    1. 1.1A sweater with a polo neck.
      ‘She dresses smart-black pin-stripe trousers, black polo neck with a trench coat.’
      • ‘Wearing dark cords, a black polo neck and thick grey winter coat, the former Pop Idol runner-up was a huge hit with his adoring fans.’
      • ‘I've always liked the idea of sitting outside a chic Parisien cafe at dawn, surrounded by the French literati, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes in a black polo neck, whilst producing the next great work of English literature.’
      • ‘This meant I had a disturbing view of myself superimposed over little starbursts of pink and white flowers: clad in a tight polo neck and black leather pencil skirt, lips daubed in dark red lipstick.’
      • ‘With his perfectly kempt moustache, wavy locks, black polo-neck and tweed jacket, he would breeze through an interview for Open University.’
      • ‘The first close-up on Shaft - outrageously handsome in a brown leather coat, polo-neck and Afro - coincides with the first powerful piano chord.’
      • ‘He had a new cape and black polo neck on and he had his beard trimmed.’
      • ‘He wore a black woolly polo neck and dark blue denim jeans.’
      • ‘Funny Face has Hep in a groovy black polo neck, swooning around Paris and hanging out with comedy philosophers.’
      • ‘Time to ditch that black polo neck and serious expression - a more diverse brand of jazz is heading for Lancaster.’
      • ‘A sound man whom you could never imagine in either a black polo-neck or a white jacket is Jimmy Deenihan, the Kerry North TD who is his party's spokesman on arts, sport and tourism.’
      • ‘There were some very nice chocolate-coloured dress pants, one pair combined with a dark pink polo neck with white horizontal stripes.’
      • ‘Choose an easy color scheme such as navy, white, gray, or black - such as this Ralph Lauren polo neck in navy and white - to ensure that it matches as many pants as possible.’
      • ‘Fresh from a roasting in that morning's Northern Scot, she is now sweltering in the early afternoon sun after selecting an outfit of boots, long skirt, polo neck and tweed jacket for the day's campaigning.’
      • ‘Her waist-length black coat was hanging off her narrow shoulders and her face was made all the paler by the cream-coloured polo neck which she was wearing underneath.’
      • ‘But of course they wanted her in there, even if it had to be in a polo-neck.’
      • ‘There's Gisele in big black lacy pants and a cashmere polo-neck.’
      • ‘Trim in his black polo-neck, he looks like a designer hairdresser, ponytail swinging down the back of his neck like the tail of a ferret.’
      • ‘No, her ears are in the wrong place for a polo-neck.’
      • ‘You are thinking yourself into new kitchen mode when all you were after was a cut-price polo neck.’