Meaning of polyethnic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpɒlɪˈɛθnɪk/


  • Belonging to, comprising, or containing many ethnic groups.

    ‘McNeill, like Watson, postulates a turn away from the extreme of the nation state towards more polyethnic political constructions reminiscent of classical empires.’
    • ‘The artists in ‘Black Belt’ explore this time and its merging of traditions and the resulting evolution of a polyethnic and transcultural American identity.’
    • ‘The intergenerational reproduction of minority ethnic identities has produced a national culture that is multicultural, polyethnic, and cosmopolitan.’
    • ‘In the long term, a more broadly representative system would probably be better for a polyethnic country like Afghanistan.’
    • ‘For Baumann, polyethnic ceremonies are significant moments over which there are competing interpretative claims.’