Meaning of polymerizable in English:



(also British polymerisable)

See polymerize

‘This stabilizing effect has been observed in solid copolymers of methacrylate monomers with Rhodamine 6G analogs containing polymerizable groups in their structure.’
  • ‘Other resins do have polymerizable components and dry by a combination of essential oil loss and polymerization.’
  • ‘These data suggest that, similar to salt-induced polymerization, the filament assembly by S1 involves an initial ‘monomer activation’ step transforming G-actin into polymerizable species.’
  • ‘The particle movement can be simulated in cell-free systems by incubating beads that are coated with N-WASP, an activator of the Arp2 / 3 complex, in a mixture of polymerizable actin and four other essential proteins together with ATP.’
  • ‘This will cause exponential network growth until the pool of polymerizable G-actin is locally depleted.’