Meaning of polyneuropathy in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpɒlɪnjʊəˈrɒpəθi/


mass nounMedicine
  • A general degeneration of peripheral nerves that spreads towards the centre of the body.

    ‘A variant of sensorimotor polyneuropathy is painful diabetic neuropathy.’
    • ‘Patients may present with only one type of diabetic neuropathy or may develop combinations of neuropathies (e.g., distal symmetric polyneuropathy and autonomic neuropathy).’
    • ‘Furthermore, among older persons the development of pain is more likely to be related to the gradual progression of pain-related conditions such as arthritis or diabetic polyneuropathy.’
    • ‘Anemia, peripheral polyneuropathy, and nephropathy were all manifestations of lead toxicity.’
    • ‘They showed a patchy demyelinating polyneuropathy, with all nerves involved.’