Meaning of polyphagous in English:


Pronunciation /pəˈlɪfəɡəs/


  • (of an animal) able to feed on various kinds of food.

    ‘many of those that use alien plants are polyphagous’
    • ‘The two-spotted spider mite and the armyworm S. exigua both are extremely polyphagous herbivores that share many host plant species, have a similar global distribution, and can occur on the same plant species.’
    • ‘Their function as polyphagous predators within orchards was recognized in the 1800's, and several species are known to prey on key tree fruit pests.’
    • ‘Although these fruit flies are polyphagous, they typically show strong seasonal preferences for certain fruits.’
    • ‘In contrast, only 28% of polyphagous herbivore species had lower densities in polycultures, versus 40% with higher densities in polycultures.’
    • ‘This polyphagous species is widely distributed in the Palearctic region and appears to have colonized South and North America within the last several decades.’


Late 18th century from Latin polyphagus ‘omnivorous’ or Greek poluphagos ‘eating to excess’ + -ous.