Meaning of polyvinyl acetate in English:

polyvinyl acetate

(also PVA)

Pronunciation /pɒlɪˈvʌɪnɪl/


mass noun
  • A synthetic resin made by polymerizing vinyl acetate, used chiefly in paints and adhesives.

    ‘They are based on nitro cellulose or polyvinyl acetate, normally elastomeric products, dispersed in solvent.’
    • ‘It can refer to polyvinyl chloride, but in caulks it generally indicates polyvinyl acetate.’
    • ‘After removal, the moulds are filled with polyvinyl acetate mixed with tinted oil paint and paraffin.’
    • ‘Larvae to be photographed were mounted under a coverslip in PVLP mounting medium (8.4% polyvinyl acetate, 22% lactic acid, 22% phenol).’
    • ‘In an ironic counterpoint to its title, the brightly painted panel Plenty of Room is crammed with costume jewelry, rope, plastic rods, feathers, chains and bicycle reflectors, all suspended in thick, poured polyvinyl acetate.’