Meaning of poolroom in English:


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North American
  • 1A place for playing pool.

    ‘The sharp-dressed young ‘cats’ who hung on the corners and in the poolrooms, bars and restaurants, and who obviously didn't work anywhere completely entranced me.’
    • ‘He used to run a small gymnasium over a poolroom on Fourteenth Street, near Luchow's, and he still owns it.’
    • ‘Robbers struck saloons, poolrooms, and restaurants shortly after the workers in nearby factories received their pay.’
    • ‘Throughout the day, people play cards or leisurely shoot some stick in the poolroom.’
    • ‘A boy had taken some balls from the poolroom and was juggling then when they clashed in mid air.’
  • 2A betting shop.

    • ‘At this time he was already gambling at the poolroom.’



/ˈpuːlruːm/ /ˈpuːlrʊm/