Meaning of popery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpəʊp(ə)ri/

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mass noun derogatory, mainly archaic
  • The doctrines, practices, and ceremonies associated with the Pope or the papal system; Roman Catholicism.

    • ‘the Anglicans campaigned against popery’
    • ‘Beyond its original designation of Roman Catholic dogma and doctrine, by the 1670s popery was also used to label other characteristics, such as arbitrary rule, radical motives, as well as Anglican liturgy and church government.’
    • ‘The chief weapon in their ideological arsenal was the fear of popery, in particular Irish popery.’
    • ‘Crashaw's Catholicism additionally associates him with both foreignness and popery.’
    • ‘Contemporaries visiting France and Italy in the 1820s did not know which was the more shocking: the popery of the revived Roman Catholic Church or the secularism of the remnants of the revolution.’
    • ‘To the same general purpose, Whigs strove for the political emancipation of Protestant Dissenters, as a step towards unity among Protestants against the threat of popery and ‘arbitrary government’ at home and abroad.’