Meaning of popster in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɒpstə/


  • A pop musician.

    • ‘There was the icy refusal to be claimed by folkies, protesters, rockers, popsters or, indeed, anybody.’
    • ‘Too hard for popsters, too twisted for arena-rock headbangers and too subversive for all but the most open-minded listeners, they dealt with taboo subjects with a bizarre wit and hard-rocking drive.’
    • ‘Now we like a decent ballad as much as the next popster, but it seems like these songs have been around in one form or another over the last couple of albums.’
    • ‘When it comes to the Super Furry Animals, there is very little these Welsh electro-psych popsters can do that doesn't ooze with artistic brilliance and clever musicianship.’
    • ‘Psychedelic popsters Grandaddy have had their share of aches and pains over the years.’
    • ‘There can't be many instances of an entire band merging with another, but that's what happened back in 1974 when eccentric avant popsters Slapp Happy joined avant prog heroes Henry Cow.’
    • ‘A five-piece of experimental popsters from Philadelphia, the band succumbs to the desire to throw you a curve just when you've warmed to their jaded, sunstroke-woozy pop songs.’
    • ‘Many admire French ambient popsters Air for their ability to twist standard pop motifs and ambient soundscapes into unorthodox but alluring compositions.’
    • ‘Other samples come from the likes of Scottish post-punkers, The Scars, as well as 70s popsters, Gallagher and Lyle.’
    • ‘It's hard for other performers to get away from the protean popster's commandingly eccentric personalities, but Michel stamps his own on at least some of these reworkings of older, and lesser known, tracks.’
    • ‘She's more of a cabaret popster whose uncluttered arrangements leave plenty of room for her expressive voice (which is, at times, uncannily similar to that of our Emm Gryner).’
    • ‘Is he a popster creating art by accident; or is he making art out of pop by design?’
    • ‘Livewire punk popsters A and ska powerhouses Less Than Jake worked the audience like the festival veterans they are.’
    • ‘For me, the initial revelation was her work with the genius indie popsters, the New Pornographers, which first drew my attention to just how thrilling that magnificent voice of hers can be.’
    • ‘‘If I do this right, I'll never be out of style again,’ says Neil Hannon, frontman of almost successful popsters the Divine Comedy.’
    • ‘From bubblegum popsters such as Blue and Atomic Kitten to revered rockers like Bob Geldof and Van Morrison, virtually every musical taste gets an outdoor show thrown in its honour between now and the end of August.’
    • ‘He was the frontman of global Aussie popsters Men At Work and today writes songs of which you've never heard the like.’
    • ‘Like you, young Ben was a precocious indie popster, earning attention far beyond his age and, some say, his talent.’
    • ‘David Line, singer with the underrated alternative popsters, was not exaggerating with his deadpan greeting.’
    • ‘By striking a balance between being accomplished musicians with a love of retro rock and being the cheeky popsters who brought you the hit single Alright, they avoided being typecast as either terminal dullards or wacky one-hit wonders.’
    singer, vocalist, soloist, songstress, crooner, warbler, melodist, artiste