Meaning of poptastic in English:


Pronunciation /pɒpˈtastɪk/


informal British
  • Denoting or relating to a very good piece of pop music.

    • ‘an album packed with poptastic delights’
    • ‘You may remember her biggest UK and US hit in 1998, the poptastic "Show Me Love."’
    • ‘The public's appetite for all things poptastic turned PopStars into a ratings stunner.’
    • ‘And "Into The Night" is a poptastic love song that evokes comparisons with U2.’
    • ‘Supported by Tyler James, Big Brovaz and former Fame Academy resident Lemar, the musical extravaganza got off to a poptastic start on Saturday.’
    • ‘It's another highlight, directing attention toward The Thermals' uncanny knack for conjuring downcast poptastic gems.’
    • ‘They had better hooks than Mötley Crüe, better sing-along choruses than Van Halen, and were more poptastic than Judas Priest.’
    • ‘Given this, songs as unambiguous and poptastic as Deadlines and Diets, Wake Me Up and Graffiti My Soul are unqualified triumphs of the genre.’
    • ‘Don't worry I'm back to my poptastic best now though!’
    • ‘There's always an emphasis on slickly poptastic melody, and the complete 16-track package is (I think) worthy of repeated adoration.’
    • ‘There are two bonus remixes (by Bill Laswell and Philippe Verge) of this convincingly poptastic song, which also features a sparky accordion part by Clive Bell.’
    • ‘And you will find poptastic mashups that I've been listening to for the past week or so.’
    • ‘Friends in LA say that although he may be preparing for a poptastic assault on a so far largely unsuspecting US, they have the impression he is seeking a life beyond music.’
    • ‘And the treasures don't end there - the rest of the album is just as good, with the poptastic "Cats In The Dark" and the lovely "Tomorrow Is A Stranger" coming immediately to mind.’
    • ‘The classics are still fresh: each one - from "There Must Be An Angel" to "You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart" - glowing with romantic insight, not to mention an opportunity for poptastic living-room prancing.’
    • ‘And you get the impression that he still loves music with the same poptastic passion as he did when he first heard the Beatles or the Beach Boys.’
    • ‘Rebuilding and layering with wobbly-wheeled acoustic guitar and violin, Matmos set out a bouncy home-grown mix with poptastic percussive triangle melodies.’


1990s blend of pop and -tastic, popularized by use in the British TV comedy Harry Enfield's Television Programme (1990–2).