Meaning of popularity in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpɒpjʊˈlarɪti/

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mass noun
  • The state or condition of being liked, admired, or supported by many people.

    ‘he was at the height of his popularity’
    • ‘The popularity of Hallowe'en is growing in this country and it can be a time of fun for children.’
    • ‘As his fame grows and his popularity spreads, there are many traps lying in wait for him.’
    • ‘I said because of his position and his popularity, what is the chance of extending his stay here?’
    • ‘The firm was disappointed in both the number of stalls taken up and the market's popularity.’
    • ‘Jordan's popularity is growing and she moves swiftly on to Dane Bowers, the pop star.’
    • ‘If it did start taking account of other countries, its popularity may perhaps grow.’
    • ‘Outside the Soviet orbit Russia had earned great respect and popularity during the war.’
    • ‘Our results show that type rather than quality of content determines popularity.’
    • ‘It's probably this refreshing sense of freedom that was the key to her popularity.’
    • ‘Comparatively young and at the height of her powers and popularity, Baker was adamant.’
    • ‘Persicaria polymorpha is a plant that has come to popularity only in the last 10 years or so.’
    • ‘Their popularity showed that there was money to be made by appealing to the baser instincts of young men.’
    • ‘Woodward's efforts to boost his popularity in New Zealand probably came to nothing.’
    • ‘Cheaper fares and the resulting soaring popularity of air travel are in large part the culprits.’
    • ‘Given the enormous popularity of the film, I was surprised by just how few extras there were.’
    • ‘This partially explains why the films lost their popularity by the end of the 1970s.’
    • ‘The popularity as measured by the number of inbound links tends to follow a power law distribution.’
    • ‘The popularity of film songs will be curbed to a very large extent if this law is enforced.’
    • ‘You have to get votes, it isn't like a panel, we had to get there by popularity.’
    • ‘The Vale is set to lose a total of four phone boxes amid the growing popularity of mobile phones.’
    fashionableness, vogue, stylishness
    currency, prevalence, commonness, universality, recognition
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