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positive discrimination


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  • (in the context of the allocation of resources or employment) the practice or policy of favouring individuals belonging to groups regarded as disadvantaged or subject to discrimination.

    North American term affirmative action

    ‘For this reason, realization of de facto equality may be dependent on affirmative action positive discrimination policies whereby discrimination in favour of the person or group in the poorer position is allowed.’
    • ‘And so long as liberals urge government to compensate for market failure by promoting positive discrimination in favour of women games programmers, the more they will buttress the power of the state.’
    • ‘The reasons put forward in the present case are the policy to attract more full-time workers and to carry out a policy of positive discrimination in favour of men.’
    • ‘Since independence, both central and state governments have pursued policies of positive discrimination for India's lowest strata, namely, the scheduled castes and tribes.’
    • ‘Many jurisdictions have engaged in various forms of what have been called positive discrimination, but such policies have always failed.’
    • ‘That looks more like a policy of positive discrimination towards Scots than a system of discrimination.’
    • ‘It would mean abolishing the racist practice of stop-and-search, investing heavily in schools in black areas, and introducing positive discrimination across the public services.’
    • ‘I like to think of myself as pretty much a feminist and people are often surprised to find I actually favour positive discrimination towards women, something all the political parties should have taken on board at election time.’
    • ‘This is undoubtedly progress, but to a large extent the respectable showing is the result of Labour's positive discrimination policy.’
    • ‘It is now time for the council and the Government to stop positive discrimination on behalf of the ethnic minorities before it creates a terrible backlash from the indigenous population.’
    prejudice, bias, bigotry, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, unfairness, inequity, favouritism, one-sidedness, partisanship