Meaning of positivity in English:


Pronunciation /pɒzɪˈtɪvɪti/


mass noun
  • 1The practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.

    ‘pupils draw power from the positivity of their teachers’
    • ‘we like to project positivity and a message of hope’
    • ‘The property market is now hinting at positivity.’
    • ‘Even in its darkest moments, the song exudes an empowering positivity.’
    • ‘Whenever he is around, there is an air of positivity.’
    • ‘They have united to portray this compelling positivity.’
    • ‘It almost explodes with good cheer, cleverly disguising its inner malaise with vigorous positivity.’
    • ‘Her love for life, to live each moment with positivity, takes her into the dark vestibules of a woman's mind.’
    • ‘They influence the whole world consciousness towards positivity, towards harmony, towards higher values of intelligence.’
    • ‘I think that positivity on the commercial side will bring on commercial sales.’
    • ‘Fun is the band's modus operandi as they try to infuse the crowd with a swirl of positivity.’
    • ‘Negation can pass over into pleasure but not into positivity.’
  • 2The presence rather than absence of a certain substance, condition, or feature.

    ‘the first biopsy specimen demonstrated positivity for cytokeratin’
    • ‘the positivity of tumour cells’
    • ‘All five cases of MRSA positivity became negative.’
    • ‘It is not definitively conclusive that the prevalence of skin test positivity has increased in the US population.’
    • ‘The rate of estrogen receptor positivity is significantly higher among men than women with breast cancer.’
    • ‘There is good evidence already that there may be a link between hepatitis C positivity, alcohol abuse, and the development of liver damage.’
    • ‘Extracellular mucin positivity is not significant.’
    • ‘We confirmed high positivity for papillomavirus among this group.’
    • ‘Most studies have found that breast cancers in women on hormone replacement therapy have a lower rate of node positivity.’
    • ‘Similar results on confirmation of flu positivity were observed.’
    • ‘An HIV positivity test and chest X-ray were done on each patient.’
    • ‘In cases of skin tuberculosis, the positivity in the range of 50–60 per cent has been observed, as compared to very low positivity by culture.’