Meaning of post-coitally in English:



See post-coital

‘Examples of these are post-coital methods like the so-called ‘morning after pill’ or intra-uterine devices whether fitted post-coitally or not.’
  • ‘Fast forward to this weekend, when I post-coitally fell asleep in my still-boyfriend's bed, wondering what it would be like to kiss his roommate's full and beautiful lips.’
  • ‘Rawlins obtains a fugitive's new address by visiting his girlfriend, pretending to need work clothes mended, and searching her quarters while she sleeps post-coitally.’
  • ‘So if you need something, call me post-coitally.’
  • ‘When it's revealed post-coitally that he has no such connections and that only he got what he wanted, Roxie, in a state of rage, shoots and kills him.’
  • ‘But something tells me they're not pouting post-coitally as they do on the album covers.’