Meaning of post-consumer in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpəʊs(t)kənˈsjuːmə/


  • (of waste or recycled products) consisting of or incorporating material discarded by end users rather than generated during a manufacturing process.

    ‘of the 2.5 million tonnes of post-consumer tyres accumulated annually within the EU, 52 per cent are landfilled’
    • ‘shiny wrapping paper can't be recycled, so opt for post-consumer paper and packaging’
    • ‘The computer also features the use of more post-consumer recycled plastic.’
    • ‘The cooler is made from post-consumer materials, it's reusable, it's recyclable, and it won't end up in a landfill.’
    • ‘The company is emerging as a leader in meeting the growing demand for high-quality post-consumer recycled plastics.’
    • ‘His innovation recycles and transforms post-consumer waste plastic into durable and environmentally friendly plastic lumber.’
    • ‘They made plans to manufacture half a billion shampoo bottles made with 25 percent of post-consumer recycled plastic.’
    • ‘The bike path was made from post-consumer waste that would otherwise have been discarded.’
    • ‘The group sold 700 million plastic bags made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, diverting 7,000 tons of plastic from landfill.’
    • ‘The action of implementing bans on single-serve items such as bags and straws is creating a growing reaction towards using more post-consumer plastics.’
    • ‘The aim with the product is to increase the use of recycled post-consumer aluminium in extrusions.’
    • ‘The use of more post-consumer plastics necessitates more comprehensive recycling.’