Meaning of post office in English:

post office

Pronunciation /ˈpəʊst ɒfɪs/

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  • 1The public department or corporation responsible for postal services and (in some countries) telecommunications.

    ‘The strike is set to halt postal delivery and post office counter service in the London area.’
    • ‘The council is exploring the option of having a community post office service provided within the village.’
    • ‘Government still attempts this, with its ridiculous post office and public utility monopolies.’
    • ‘But she added the project now needed sustained support and for people to patronise the post office if the service was to be safe in the future.’
    • ‘Many customers fear they will be left without the post office's services permanently.’
    • ‘Benefits books sent to the post office by the department had been kept, in effect stolen.’
    • ‘Why is it legal to send junk mail via the post office, but if you send it by email it's suddenly illegal?’
    • ‘Americans now get so much junk mail that the post office is recommending that we buy bigger mailboxes.’
    • ‘His first civil service job was at the post office as a clerk, so he naturally saw the value of images on stamps.’
    • ‘I was so surprised that the health region would trust the post office to get a letter to me in less than five business days.’
    • ‘They operate entirely online, and you pay cheques in via mail or at the post office.’
    • ‘Freepost is provided by the post office and all involved in the service are volunteers.’
    • ‘For the first time in many years An Post recorded a loss on its post office business.’
    • ‘The point is that money is made by the post office with every transaction that is made there.’
    • ‘Martha worked for the post office and also attended classes at the University of Calgary.’
    • ‘While the petition may win this battle, I don't see the war being won by the post office unless it captures more business.’
    • ‘He was siphoning off funds from the post office to prop up his flagging retail business, Croydon Crown Court heard.’
    • ‘After all that you can only use the post office account for benefits, not general money transactions.’
    letters, packages, parcels, correspondence, communications, airmail
    1. 1.1A building where postal business is transacted.
      ‘When choosing sites for new developments we still place great importance on having a post office and other public amenities nearby.’
      • ‘I placed my name on a recent letter to the editor about the lousy service at the local post office and I am not sorry that I did.’
      • ‘The jury heard that the robberies at the service station and the post office were committed within six hours of each other last April.’
      • ‘A few minutes later Mark called her down so she could go with him to the post office to mail the letters.’
      • ‘They drove to the post office to mail the letter in case someone found it before it could be posted.’
      • ‘He also said the nearby post office would be collecting letters and parcels while the box was sealed.’
      • ‘I picked up the registered letter from the post office, and sure enough it's a notice to vacate.’
      • ‘Bring your mail to the post office or secure mail box rather than leaving it in a rural box.’
      • ‘Much in the same way individual mailboxes at a post office receive envelopes of mail.’
      • ‘Walk boldly to the post office to send your snail mail, munching on a daily apple as you admire green spaces along the way.’
      • ‘Karen went to the post office this morning to mail some letters I had written.’
      • ‘The next day, he had two errands to run - one was to the post office to mail Laurie's letter.’
      • ‘There were proposals to turn the old post office into a Royal Mail sorting office but to date no plans have been forthcoming.’
      • ‘One can grab a bite at one of the many food outlets, shop for memories at souvenir stalls and mail a letter from the tiny post office.’
      • ‘I picked up a package from the post office on Friday - it was an Easter egg mailed to me by my parents.’
      • ‘In the interim people may use the service of any other post office.’
      • ‘A decade later there were no less than four churches, as well as a public school and post office.’
      • ‘I found it hard to bear the service in the railway ticket office, the post office, the bank, etc.’
      • ‘We decided to skip the second alternative since the employees at the post office were sour like lemons and equally helpful.’
      • ‘Then I sat down and made out a $200 check to the Rag and drove down to the post office to mail it.’
      • ‘In the end I did choose to use the Royal Mail service which enables you to collect the parcel from a local post office for a fee of 50p.’
  • 2US A game, played especially by children, in which imaginary letters are delivered in exchange for kisses.

    ‘So how do you play Post Office? What are the rules?"’
    • ‘I remember playing Post Office, but I don't remember exactly how it worked - it's funny, but I don't remember any of the boys I kissed, either.’
    • ‘They met, played ‘post office’ on three dates, got married in 1970, and have been together ever since.’