Meaning of postal vote in English:

postal vote

Pronunciation /ˈpəʊstl vəʊt/


  • A vote sent in by post rather than cast in person.

    ‘The talk of recounts, re-votes, postal votes and even badly-designed ballot papers suggests that we are in for a considerable wait.’
    • ‘Ballot papers for the postal votes were being sent out today and the poll closes on July 25.’
    • ‘A record number of people are expected to cast postal votes in the May general election.’
    • ‘There have been predictions that the total number of postal votes cast in this election could reach six million from a 26m turnout.’
    • ‘Nine councillors were elected after residents voted using postal votes alongside the district and European elections.’
    • ‘The large number of postal votes expected to be cast in the election, means many voters may soon be marking their ballot papers.’
    • ‘The polls will be open from 7am to 10 pm although many voters have already applied to cast a postal vote.’
    • ‘The ruling comes as record numbers of electors are applying for postal votes ahead of the general election.’
    • ‘Suddenly the very integrity of the ballot is in question, with six million postal votes being cast, with totally inadequate precautions to prevent fraud.’
    • ‘The postal votes cannot be sent out before April 20, because the deadline for applications only lapses at 5pm the previous day.’
    • ‘This year, a record 7,000 postal votes were sent out in Rochdale.’
    • ‘There are no checks on my identity, and there is nothing to stop me from sending for hundreds of postal votes.’
    • ‘People who don't want to use the technology can still send a postal vote.’
    • ‘Beyond that, the application can ask for the postal vote to be sent to an address other than that of the voter.’
    • ‘They met people who turned up to vote, only to be told they had already cast a postal vote.’
    • ‘The two percent rise in turnout in 2001 was largely the result of a trebling of the number of postal votes cast to six million due to electoral changes.’
    • ‘New rules for this General Election allow anyone a postal vote on request.’
    • ‘It is also hoped that the team will back innovative ways of actually casting a vote, such as more postal votes and using information technology.’
    • ‘More people than ever before are planning to vote by post in the general election - but how secure are postal votes?’
    • ‘The counting of postal votes shows 6,000 votes already cast with our vote holding up well.’