Meaning of postdoctoral in English:


Pronunciation /pəʊs(t)ˈdɒkt(ə)r(ə)l/


  • Relating to or denoting research undertaken after the completion of doctoral research.

    ‘a postdoctoral fellowship’
    • ‘She has completed a research postdoctoral fellowship in physiology at Temple.’
    • ‘He has trained 36 master's and doctoral students or postdoctoral research associates.’
    • ‘The members of the board didn't understand postdoctoral research fellowships.’
    • ‘It was an impressive piece of work and it led to him being awarded a National Research Council Fellowship to enable him to undertake postdoctoral study at Princeton.’
    • ‘Applicants for the postdoctoral research award, including co-investigators, must have a doctoral degree.’
    • ‘The building offers accommodation to graduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral students, as well as visiting professors and their family members.’
    • ‘Research positions at the postdoctoral level are very hard to achieve and they are in any case strictly limited in time.’
    • ‘In the fall he will be heading to Yale to take up a postdoctoral research position.’
    • ‘He continued his postdoctoral research in Liverpool and Sweden before moving on to the University of Southampton.’
    • ‘He conducted postdoctoral research at the Stanford University School of Medicine in California.’
    • ‘The cancer research of two other postdoctoral students was delayed more than three months due to visa problems.’
    • ‘Training the next generation of research leaders needs to be done not just at the doctoral or postdoctoral level but at more senior levels.’
    • ‘For this reason a postdoctoral fellowship is an imperative if one is to truly become a nurse scientist with a well planned research career.’
    • ‘The way this usually works is you get a postdoctoral fellowship and work with another professor on his or her research.’
    • ‘Then I did a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Institutes of Health.’
    • ‘During the three years of her postdoctoral fellowship she published many excellent papers.’
    • ‘Some postdoctoral fellows are supported from research grants to the host laboratory.’
    • ‘The company often looks for Indians who completed postdoctoral studies in the United States or Europe and then returned to India for employment.’