Meaning of postgraduate in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpəʊs(t)ˈɡradʒʊət/

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  • Relating to or denoting a course of study undertaken after completing a first degree.

    ‘a postgraduate degree’
    • ‘The university runs about 200 distance-learning degree courses, as well as many postgraduate degree courses.’
    • ‘Between 1920-1921 he undertook postgraduate studies at the Sorbonne in Paris.’
    • ‘I duly applied to both universities to undertake postgraduate study.’
    • ‘Several years ago, while studying for a postgraduate degree, I was given a piece of advice by my tutor for which I will always be thankful.’
    • ‘He said new buildings and facilities will be rolled out in the new campus and a wide range of new degree courses and postgraduate courses will come on stream.’
    • ‘Rates of enrolment in combined degrees and postgraduate courses, and failure rates, will also influence costs.’
    • ‘There are diploma, degree and postgraduate degree courses on offer.’
    • ‘He obtained both an undergraduate and postgraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘There are currently 16,000 students studying undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.’
    • ‘One immigrant I know of holds postgraduate degrees from two prestigious British universities.’
    • ‘However, about a third already had undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.’
    • ‘Both these postgraduate degrees were in chemistry.’
    • ‘More people than ever before are completing postgraduate degrees.’
    • ‘Since then, I've taught in several countries and earned two postgraduate degrees.’
    • ‘The successful candidate will hold a degree, preferably to postgraduate level.’
    • ‘Thirty-eight firms also said that postgraduate degrees are a factor in job promotions.’
    • ‘All interviewers held bachelor's degrees and most were in postgraduate study in the social sciences.’
    • ‘The traditional route of study was to complete a primary degree and then to progress on to postgraduate study in the same discipline.’
    • ‘Post-graduate students will only register on 11 February, according to the university.’
    • ‘In the meantime she attained a post-graduate diploma in personnel management at Leicester University.’


  • A student engaged in a postgraduate course.

    ‘These are quite enough to fill a textbook of this kind, which is mainly aimed at advanced undergraduates or postgraduates and MBA students wishing to know more about this subject.’
    • ‘Thus, it may be that you would want to stratify by both faculty and gender or faculty and whether students are undergraduates or postgraduates.’
    • ‘What about part-time students - and postgraduates?’
    • ‘There were more undergraduates, more postgraduates, more lecturers, many more professors, more professional organisations, conferences here, there and everywhere.’
    • ‘The acronym derives from the group composition of postgraduates, faculty, undergraduates, and graduate students.’
    • ‘While continuity is important, rapid changes have been taking place over recent years, notably the shift in balance of the student body between undergraduates and postgraduates.’
    • ‘This book is aimed specifically at intermediate level students, such as third or fourth-year undergraduates or first-year postgraduates.’
    • ‘Each university continues to recruit and teach its own students but postgraduates can tap into research anywhere in the group.’
    • ‘Alumni, researchers, graduates, postgraduates and campus companies were all amongst those with entrepreneurial spirit and ambitions to establish their own companies.’
    • ‘In addition there was a modest increase in full-fee-paying domestic students, mostly postgraduates and students taking special courses.’
    • ‘The first year that Warwick opened for undergraduates, all the undergraduates and postgraduates could get into one lecture theatre.’
    • ‘This time, the fair is for three categories of youngsters - final year students, fresh graduates / postgraduates and professionals with up to five years' experience.’
    • ‘If undergraduates or postgraduates believe free banking means significant discounts are the norm for student overdrafts, loans and credit cards, they will be sorely disappointed.’
    • ‘Undergraduates and postgraduates are now being encouraged to think about lifelong career management, but many current postdocs have had little career education.’
    • ‘This included 31,000 postgraduates and 26,000 international students.’
    • ‘Honours students and postgraduates were directed to the close study of primary sources on aspects of British imperial history.’
    • ‘But among the applicants were hundreds of graduates, postgraduates, MBAs and engineers.…’
    • ‘We need to base our continuing economic growth upon the graduates and postgraduates who populate our city businesses and academic institutions.’
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