Meaning of postlapsarian in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpəʊstlapˈsɛːrɪən/


literary Theology
  • Occurring or existing after the Fall of Man.

    ‘That means an inferior and subordinate role, which has been ratified in the postlapsarian situation, particularly under the weight of the curse.’
    • ‘They examine the creation of humanity: on the level of the prelapsarian situation, and on the level of postlapsarian conditions.’
    • ‘Consequently, God provided his creature, the human being, with the capacities to survive in a postlapsarian situation, under the conditions of pain and tears, of hardship and death.’
    • ‘Although the volume depicts a spiritual drought in the postlapsarian world that hinders its individuation, glimmers of the active imagination provide a vehicle for redemption.’
    • ‘God thus wills what Michael calls a ‘happy end’ for postlapsarian man.’
    • ‘This is art that interrogates the real, commenting on human enterprise in postlapsarian gardens where not only God can make a tree.’


Mid 18th century from post-‘occurring after’.