Meaning of posturer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɒstʃ(ə)rə/


See posture

‘The new president could hardly be described as a swaggerer or a posturer, and he won't be making any idle threats about strike action.’
  • ‘Having the confidence not to talk down, or disguise his middle-class culture, meant he was in turn regarded as far more ‘of the people’ than many posturers from poorer backgrounds.’
  • ‘Africa has long been saddled with poor, even malevolent, leadership: predatory kleptocrats, military-installed autocrats, economic illiterates, and puffed-up posturers.’
  • ‘Angry moral posturers shrieked when several players lit cigarettes in the dugout, and when many more took the field with noticeable hangovers.’
  • ‘Many came to perceive the texts of life and novel inseparable: the flamboyant dresser and public posturer looked like and drew life from the characters in his novel.’