Meaning of pot of gold in English:

pot of gold


(mainly British crock of gold)
  • A large amount of money, especially one that is unattainable or illusory.

    ‘stay clear of any advisor who promises big returns: like the pot of gold, it's too good to be true’
    • ‘Morecambe and Lancaster City go in search of headlines, glory and the pot of gold that FA Cup success brings on Saturday as the world's oldest cup competition kicks into gear.’
    • ‘It is the pot of gold at the end of a week-long slog.’
    • ‘‘We've got to be careful we don't see qualifying for Europe as a pot of gold, when it isn't that at all,’ the chairman said.’
    • ‘Councillors are to consider tabling a bid in the coming weeks for this pot of gold, which is being held out by the Government under its Building Schools for the Future scheme.’
    • ‘As with any other enterprise, they may well find that eliminating inefficiency and closing loopholes opens the path to the pot of gold.’
    • ‘The real pot of gold at the end of the tunnel is an NFL contract, where the signing on fee alone will dwarf anything offered elsewhere.’
    • ‘But they are as ephemeral as a dewdrop and as illusionary as the pot of gold.’
    • ‘Also, due to the stiff competition for what is ultimately a very small pot of gold, not getting an award or funding is not the end of the road.’
    • ‘It seems that the best intentions of young fighters get worn down by the pot of gold on offer if they remain unbeaten.’
    • ‘Is it a gamble then to shirk the pull of the rat race in favour of a life chasing the literary pot of gold?’


    With allusion to the story of a pot of gold supposedly to be found at the end of a rainbow.