Meaning of pot still in English:

pot still


  • A still to which heat is applied directly and not by means of a steam jacket.

    ‘Although it is distilled 3 times in a pot still it is still a fairly strong whiskey that must be aged in used sherry, rum, or bourbon barrels for a minimum of 3 years.’
    • ‘A new wooden still replaced the earlier pot still that had remained on the property; it had a capacity of about 700 gallons.’
    • ‘This can be done using either a traditional pot still or, more commonly, a continuous still which allows for speedier production.’
    • ‘For example, some will have been distilled with a continuous still, others with a pot still and others with a mixture of both.’
    • ‘Level uses both pot still and continuous distillation, and the result is subtle and smooth.’
    • ‘Participants can learn about the processes of malting, mashing, pot stills, distillation, spirit safes, the maturing process, and what gives whisky its distinctive flavour and bouquet.’