Meaning of potence in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpəʊtns/


See potent

‘Those frighteningly large numbers on the left who refused to see the reality and the potence of this threat were divided from the more grounded types from both sides who could.’
  • ‘The author argued that ‘the obsession with virility, potence, bodybuilding and the sports that characterized turn-of-the-century America permeated saloons.’’
  • ‘To investigate the importance of the nonadditive gene expression in relation to the additive gene expression, we investigated the potence for all genes with significant dominance effects.’
  • ‘Besides, the nation's nuclear program was a pathetic military attempt to make the country a world potence, and almost ended in a radioactive disaster.’
  • ‘Effectiveness and potence are sometimes deemed to be the end product of different skills.’