Meaning of pothunter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpɒthʌntə/


  • 1A person who hunts solely to achieve a kill, rather than as a sport.

    ‘pothunters who shot for the table were despised’
    • ‘Thus he was soon joined by others who also petitioned to preserve the ruins before they were destroyed by pothunters and vandals.’
    1. 1.1 informal A person who takes part in a contest merely for the sake of the prize.
      • ‘"A bunch of God-damn pot hunters," was how one St. Catharine's old-timer characterized the athletes who jumped into unfamiliar club kit to row just for the week.’
      • ‘The pot hunters are sure to be out in force at Reading.’
      • ‘It introduced small gold shields for watch chains as prizes, attractive to even the most sordid pot hunter.’
      • ‘Early in the fifth century, however, the 'pot hunter' began to appear and Theagenes of Thasos was said to have won some 1,400 prizes at different athletics festivals.’
    2. 1.2 informal A person who seeks objects of archaeological interest or value for personal use or benefit, especially by unscientific or illicit methods.
      • ‘They don't want to attract illegal pot hunters trying to find more artifacts.’
      • ‘The law was created to prevent the theft and destruction of Native American artifacts, as ‘pot hunters‘ were removing them from historical sites for private collections.’
      • ‘The other pot hunters marveled at the treasure.’
      • ‘Indiana Jones could have learned a lot from these pot-hunters.’
      • ‘These pot hunters spent two months destroying some 650 Native American graves.’
      • ‘Pot-hunters sell their finds either to unscrupulous collectors on the ‘black market’ or at auctions and antique shows to unsuspecting collectors.’
      • ‘His book follows several families of pot hunters who ran afoul of the government after digging up relics on public land.’
      • ‘Pot hunters face felony charges and stiff fines—up to $100,000—when they plunder on public lands.’
      • ‘There is an informal network of pot hunters profiting off the land's history. ’
      • ‘A bunch of pot hunters who looted ancient relic sites and sold priceless artifacts for profit have received probation.’