Meaning of pots of money in English:

pots of money

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  • A very large amount of money.

    • ‘people who've got pots of money in the bank’
    • ‘Scores of people crowded into a meeting hall to learn there were no large pots of money for the estimated £60 million project.’
    • ‘We have one of the biggest pots of money - £1,000 has never been done before.’
    • ‘We are a small community and don't have big pots of money.’
    • ‘The Government is throwing pots and pots of money at drug abuse, but alcohol creates far, far more problems than drugs here.’
    • ‘We are not going to have pots of money to spend on transfers, but who has?’
    • ‘And what is more, it is all to the good, because of course you can now make pots of money out your lack of success.’
    • ‘Instead, as well as cash from the Government, businesses will hand over pots of money in sponsorship to help fund projects around the country.’
    • ‘Despite the vast pots of money at the top of the European game, the unpalatable fact is that football crowds across the Continent are diminishing.’
    • ‘They kept in touch, and this year, now aged 29, hit on a way of making pots of money.’
    • ‘If it happens, one of football's most depressing great certainties - that you can't succeed unless you have pots of money - will have bitten the dust.’