Meaning of potting compost in English:

potting compost

Pronunciation /ˈpɒtɪŋ ˌkɒmpɒst/

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mass noun
  • A mixture of loam, peat, sand, and nutrients, used as a growing medium for plants in containers.

    ‘Five plants were grown in each 25 cm diameter pot, using commercial potting compost supplemented by liquid fertilizer.’
    • ‘Plant it out and it could spread very quickly, or grow it in drainpipes pushed into the soil vertically and filled with a mixture of garden soil and potting compost.’
    • ‘They were sown on vermiculite or potting compost and grown under normal cultivation conditions.’
    • ‘Where the plants were growing runners I pegged these down into potting compost with unbent paper clips and watered them.’
    • ‘In a nutshell, you plant the tubers sandwiched between layers of multipurpose potting compost.’
    • ‘Plants in these mixes may need more feeding than loam-based potting composts since nutrients leach through the soil easily.’
    • ‘Put some gravel on top, then a layer of the best quality potting compost and then get ready to plant.’
    • ‘And once you've used them as growing bags they are still useful, as seed and potting compost or to spread over the garden as mulch.’
    • ‘Similarly, it is always best to use new potting compost when sowing seeds or transplanting seedlings.’
    • ‘Inspect bags of potting compost carefully before you buy them from the garden centre.’