Meaning of potty-mouthed in English:




  • Using or characterized by bad language.

    • ‘a potty-mouthed rapper’
    • ‘But this does not diminish the fact that living with a Very Boy-like Boy has added a whole assortment of new potty-mouthed phrases to my obviously deprived vocabulary.’
    • ‘Not because I am prudish about the use of cuss words (I am, after all, in the Marines and work around potty-mouthed sailors all day).’
    • ‘The chief effect of the ruling has not been to embolden the potty-mouthed but to galvanize the opposition.’
    • ‘The authentic period songs are surprisingly dirty, and the gents in all their sexist, racist, potty-mouthed glory are all played by dames.’
    • ‘It stinks; it stinks because it's dumb and mean and common and potty-mouthed and loutish and cynical and boring and insulting.’
    • ‘I would not take little kids, unless you want to hear them parroting back to you this really potty-mouthed humor.’
    • ‘Even the potty-mouthed nine-year-olds could roam around picking their noses and finding things to giggle over.’
    • ‘Not that she is uncharming; on the contrary, she would be a lot less appealing if she weren't so potty-mouthed.’
    • ‘We'll share some true bathroom humor and we promise not to get potty-mouthed.’
    • ‘Suddenly we notice that this doddering old German lady can also speak perfectly potty-mouthed English, remnants of her happy days as a gun-toting, government-sponsored ‘bad guy’ in the '60s.’
    • ‘For all of its politically incorrect insults and potty-mouthed wordplay, the movie is disappointingly dull and toothless.’
    • ‘Her ensuing potty-mouthed diatribes against social workers and helpful friends, not to mention her eventual breakdown, are raw and unsettling.’
    • ‘All that stood in their way, Max realized, was a loud, brash, potty-mouthed Russian.’
    • ‘The celebrity guests even seemed happy to be insulted, leered at or satirised by the pair of potty-mouthed puppets.’