Meaning of pouchy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpaʊtʃi/


See pouch

‘The best thing about a return to high waistbands is that ladies who enjoy their lunch can smooth away their pouchy tummies by investing in a sensible pair of ‘control’ knickers.’
  • ‘In my head, I was the gorgeous young thing running around with the aged pouchy bachelor, and it was the best relationship I'd ever been in.’
  • ‘His plump, pouchy features are positively pink with pleasure and he's clapping his hands delightedly.’
  • ‘A wig that seemed to be woven out of gray wire was set over a red, pouchy face, whose multiple chins hung over his neckcloth like wattles.’
  • ‘Besides, her pouchy tummy looked strange with her slender new hips.’