Meaning of pound cake in English:

pound cake

Pronunciation /ˈpaʊn(d) keɪk/


North American
  • A rich cake containing a pound, or equal weights, of each chief ingredient, typically flour, butter, and sugar.

    ‘After he gets some fresh fruit, vegetables, a cheesecake, a pound cake, some ice cream, macaroni & cheese, and a few other things he decides that we can finally leave.’
    • ‘But before I relinquish my halter tops, flip flops, and the oscillating fan, you can be sure I'll stash a bit of summer in the freezer, in the form of a raspberry-blueberry pound cake.’
    • ‘If you're making your own pound cake, brownies or angel food cake for the chocolate fondue, get baking.’
    • ‘Instead, they fill their plates with slices of lavender-scented pound cake, streusel-topped coffee cake, lemon buttermilk Bundt cake, and a rich chocolate cake.’
    • ‘This glaze also will work on a pan of brownies, a pound cake, even a fruit tart.’
    • ‘Now with a tiny bit of sugar, just brush it all over the pound cake.’
    • ‘We had a nice, crusty baguette and one of the guests brought an orange pound cake served with strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.’
    • ‘After making the drink, use the plumped, liqueured apricots in desserts or compotes or to top pound cake or ice cream.’
    • ‘But I'll offer this: for every hundred dollars you donate to a recognized charity (or the Lake Providence effort), I will mail you a homemade pound cake.’
    • ‘Pair this with fresh berries or a pastry such as pound cake that's not too sweet.’
    • ‘No, one year there was a pound cake with no frosting and one big candle in the middle.’
    • ‘Mom's desserts were even better: German chocolate cake, melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls, apple and blueberry pies, and rich, heavy pound cake made from farm fresh eggs.’
    • ‘She's taking her sweet time experimenting with goodies like pound cake and tunnel-of-fudge cake, aiming for the perfect concoction with science as her guide.’
    • ‘As it turned out, however, the cake itself is just a chocolate cake whose batter is similar to that of regular pound cake, and it is brushed with mulled wine after it has been baked.’
    • ‘The aromas of chocolate-chip cookies, pound cake and lemon chess pie complete the feel-good picture.’
    • ‘Dessert is fresh fruit, pound cake with lemon curd and cream, and assorted sweet bars.’
    • ‘And for dessert we all had lemon and lavender pound cake with crushed blackberries, which by far was the best part of the meal.’
    • ‘You can also make this dessert with fat-free golden pound cake.’
    • ‘A choice of chewy dried figs, juicy strawberries, and buttery pound cake awaits within the sweet version.’
    • ‘Today I made a toasted almond buttercrunch pound cake and a hazelnut & chocolate loaf.’