Meaning of pousse-café in English:


nounplural noun pousse-café/ˌpuːsˈkafeɪ/ /ˌpuːskəˈfeɪ/

  • A glass of various liqueurs or cordials poured in successive layers, taken immediately after coffee.

    ‘Or if you try asking for a pousse-café at your local watering hole, you're more likely to get a sarcastic laugh and quite possibly a slap in the face than eight layers of liqueur in a pretty little glass.’
    • ‘Foremost in this group is coffee, plain and simple, and all its derivative forms: lattes, espresso, cappuccino, pousse-café, café au lait, Irish coffee, and so many more delights.’



/ˌpuːsˈkafeɪ/ /ˌpuːskəˈfeɪ/


French, literally ‘push coffee’.