Meaning of powder blue in English:

powder blue

Pronunciation /ˌpaʊdə ˈbluː/

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mass noun
  • A soft, pale blue.

    as modifier ‘a powder-blue jumpsuit’
    • ‘As for the colour, she suggests champagne, pale cream or pink, or the silvery powder blue that she has worn before and does suit.’
    • ‘He looked around, taking in my pale powder blue walls and the white clouds I'd sponge-painted all around the room.’
    • ‘Soft pink, powder blue, lavender, and peach - these gentle colors set a mood of tranquility.’
    • ‘They wore powder blue satin dresses with embroidered detail, and carried smaller versions of the bride's bouquet.’
    • ‘She was wearing a long, powder-blue nightshirt.’
    • ‘The two wear circa '70s powder-blue polyester suits and vintage headsets.’
    • ‘It took me a good half hour before I was out of the bathroom and when I walked out, he was completely dressed in a pair of semi-tight, pale blue jeans and a very tight powder blue T-shirt.’
    • ‘Hello, I have a wedding to go to and I'm not sure what color shoe I should wear with my powder blue outfit.’
    • ‘She wore a skirt of powder blue with an ivory chiffon blouse that heightened her delicate physique and slender form.’
    • ‘The four of them were wearing powder blue suits and already playing music.’
    • ‘She was wearing a long powder blue gown with shiny blue gloves.’
    • ‘The singer wore shocking pink and the other band members donned powder blue.’
    • ‘She dressed in a pair of faded blue, denim cutoffs and an overly large, powder blue t-shirt that went down almost to her knees, covering her shorts.’
    • ‘The stranger sees a confident woman in a smart, powder-blue suit.’
    • ‘Every year, some 3,000 of these exorbitant powder-blue stacks come cracking and groaning down the Labrador Sea.’
    • ‘He had this powder blue mint Camaro convertible and he would drive this thing to and from the Senate and I thought it was unbelievable that a guy of his stature would drive around in this car.’
    • ‘Yeah, the files exist in scattered formats in other places, but that powder blue box held the central, coherent files.’
    • ‘Administrators threatened to suspend anyone doing so - which backfired and led to halls full of powder blue.’
    • ‘In front of the windows sat a line of cracked plastic molded seats with faded powder blue paint mounted to a rusting tubular bar.’
    • ‘My new room is powder blue and the bedspread is iris blossom print.’