Meaning of powder metallurgy in English:

powder metallurgy


mass noun
  • The production and working of metals as fine powders which can be pressed and sintered to form objects.

    ‘Originally, niobium metal was produced by powder metallurgy methods which involved high temperature vacuum sintering and carbon reduction.’
    • ‘For certain products, such as those produced by powder metallurgy or from small ingots, it may be possible to significantly alter the distribution of insoluble particles.’
    • ‘Alloys prepared by powder metallurgy, in which often very large amounts of alloying elements are incorporated, naturally reach much higher strengths, usually at the expense of ductility and stress corrosion resistance.’
    • ‘The properties of powder metallurgy compacts produced by the techniques described above are not comparable to the properties obtained in the wrought metal.’
    • ‘For the most complex alloy systems, powder metallurgy is employed to prevent gross segregation.’