Meaning of powder one's nose in English:

powder one's nose


  • (of a woman) go to the toilet.

    ‘One such lady at the table adjacent to ours went to the toilet to powder her nose.’
    • ‘But beyond powdering one's nose, women and men surely have other expectations of their town centres.’
    • ‘How's this for weird: my Dad went out to powder his nose, and came back and said ‘can you believe it?’’
    • ‘According to eyewitness reports, after arriving at a swanky house party, she popped upstairs to powder her nose.’
    • ‘She smiled back, put her napkin on the table and slipped away to powder her nose.’
    • ‘She powdered her nose and returned to the stage.’
    • ‘Besides, you can ditch boring conversations by really going to powder your nose.’
    • ‘How I long for a simpler time, when the only way to chew your leg out of the bad-date bear trap was to excuse yourself to powder your nose and wriggle through a restroom window…’
    • ‘Be briefly cordial; if you can't stand it, go powder your nose and meet your boyfriend back at your seats.’
    • ‘In that case, I think I'll just go powder my nose.’