Meaning of powdery mildew in English:

powdery mildew


mass noun
  • Mildew on a plant which is marked by a white floury covering consisting of conidia.

    Compare with downy mildew

    Family Erysiphaceae, subdivision Ascomycotina

    ‘The most common viticultural problems are downy mildew, powdery mildew, botrytis bunch rot, soil erosion, and occasional spring frost in the east of the country.’
    • ‘Both powdery mildew and downy mildew often infect squash plants as autumn nights grow cooler and dew keeps the foliage moist through the night.’
    • ‘The more common ones are powdery mildew, blackspot, downy mildew and rust.’
    • ‘Disease problems can include powdery mildew, Botrytis blight, aster yellows, leaf spots, viruses and foliar nematodes.’
    • ‘In southeast and south central Nebraska, leaf and stripe rusts, powdery mildew and Septoria leaf blotch are the most common and important foliar diseases.’
    • ‘The fungi causing powdery mildew, leaf rust, Stagonospora, and Septoria diseases may infect the leaves at this time.’
    • ‘The responses of haploid and diploid plants to powdery mildew were identical.’
    • ‘Grape powdery mildew, for example, is different from rose powdery mildew.’
    • ‘Occasional epidemics of angular leaf spot, powdery mildew and charcoal rot or dry rot have been experienced.’
    • ‘Some southern pea varieties are susceptible to mosaic viruses, powdery mildew, and leaf spot diseases.’
    • ‘Hydrangea foliage is also susceptible to leaf spots and powdery mildew.’
    • ‘This is the season when powdery mildew, late blight and other fungal diseases arrive.’
    • ‘The most common diseases to affect roses are black spot, powdery mildew, and rust, but many disease-resistant roses are available.’
    • ‘Of course the cooler temperatures may also result in a greater incidence of fungus diseases such as powdery mildew.’
    • ‘This could invite powdery mildew or other types of fungus to grow on your plants.’
    • ‘Watch for fuzzy white spots on leaves, signaling powdery mildew.’
    • ‘Select disease-resistant varieties and divide the plants every few years to reduce the chance of powdery mildew.’
    • ‘So far, there has been success reported on the use of milk to control powdery mildew on a variety of different plants.’
    • ‘Roses deficient in potassium, phosphorous and magnesium are more susceptible to attack by black spot and powdery mildew.’
    • ‘There are several fungal diseases that like roses, the most common being blackspot and powdery mildew.’