Meaning of power-sharing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpaʊəˌʃɛːrɪŋ/


mass noun
  • A policy agreed between political parties or within a coalition to share responsibility for decision-making and political action.

    ‘he appealed to them to accept the power-sharing compromise’
    • ‘power-sharing is implemented to ensure that the interests of all are served’
    • ‘Some member states have more experience than Britain of power-sharing and federalism.’
    • ‘The party earlier won power-sharing deals with the Liberals and the split among its rivals has increased its leverage.’
    • ‘The negotiations are the latest attempt by the British and Irish governments to restore power-sharing.’
    • ‘Even their defenders in the British establishment have indicated that it is time to abandon opposition to power-sharing.’
    • ‘But the community model values power-sharing for its own sake.’
    • ‘There now began an experiment in power-sharing, or cohabitation.’
    • ‘Otherwise the political savvy and power-sharing successes of the new government will be for naught.’
    • ‘Intrinsic to this philosophy of power-sharing was an ‘us and them’ approach.’
    • ‘The supreme law enshrined multi-racial power-sharing in Fiji's government.’
    • ‘It doesn't bear inspection: it's ludicrous, an impossible route to power-sharing.’
    • ‘They included accepting Labour as having majority rule, having an equal make-up of different parties on the cabinet or even power-sharing.’
    • ‘This power-sharing agreement sought to include all the main strands of Loyalist and Nationalist opinion in the executive.’
    • ‘His major concern is to strengthen his position and that of his clique in the French-orchestrated power-sharing deal.’
    • ‘A further report is due in January, and both governments hope a positive verdict will pave the way for power-sharing to resume.’
    • ‘Yet power-sharing with a force that was operating outside the democratic process violated the purpose and spirit of democratisation.’
    • ‘In selecting new cabinet members, a focus will be on power-sharing among the various ethnic tribes.’
    • ‘Together, the four new vice presidents form a major part of the new power-sharing government, agreed to in December.’
    • ‘Still, no one yet claims the right formula for genuine power-sharing at the top of global enterprises.’
    • ‘I will deeply regret it if they pull out of power-sharing.’
    • ‘The precise details of their power-sharing were left vague.’