Meaning of power broker in English:

power broker



  • A person who deliberately affects the distribution of political or economic power by exerting influence or by intrigue.

    ‘its parliament and prime minister are fronts for the real power brokers, a coterie of elite bureaucrats’
    • ‘one of the biggest power brokers in Hollywood’
    • ‘Needless to say, he is a real power broker on the international film scene.’
    • ‘In stark contrast to its nature during the foundational period in the 1970s and early 1980s, the Commission in large measure both sets the Community agenda and acts as a power broker in the legislative process.’
    • ‘The real winner, though, is also the power broker behind the merger.’
    • ‘Opinion polls put his likely score at 12%, which makes him the ‘third man’ - the candidate who could end up acting as a power broker between the two heavyweights.’
    • ‘She wasted little time building a reputation as a hard-working moderate conservative who emerged as a crucial power broker on the nine-member court.’
    • ‘And so, in that sense, I think he indeed can become a power broker.’
    • ‘And he's going to really fulfill the stereotype of a Washington power broker.’
    • ‘He acted as a pro-American power broker and an alternative voice to the German-French axis within the European Union.’
    • ‘We need a new fresh start, and within 5 years, we could become a shining star and a power broker.’
    • ‘He was a person of genius and contradiction - at once a rationalist committed to toleration, openness, and the pursuit of happiness and a militaristic power broker who prospered while crushing others under foot.’
    • ‘But the minute the police chief as mayoral candidate, the fast-talking power broker, and his misfit cast of drunk and clichéd socialites show up, the movie goes painfully askew.’
    • ‘If a true power broker believes in your skills, he or she can back you up with a huge budget and a worldwide tour.’
    • ‘‘I want to be able to influence young minds to pursue higher learning,’ she said before a recent board meeting, looking quite the power broker in a crisp lavender suit.’
    • ‘Like the proverbial power broker who works behind the scenes, optimal hydration is one of the physical conditions most closely associated with all aspects of anabolism.’
    • ‘On the one hand, the photograph gives us a hint of what it feels like to be a power broker whose milieu is the smoke-filled room, or an insider who manages the campaign from the sidelines.’
    • ‘Even many of her private pastimes were public events calculated to reinforce this double image of a major power broker who somehow still embodied feminine virtue.’
    • ‘He was right: as the ultimate power broker, he became a one-man replacement for the crumbling studio system.’
    • ‘He had also become a power broker in the British scientific establishment.’