Significado de power couple en en inglés

power couple


treated as singular or plural
  • A couple consisting of two people who are each influential or successful in their own right.

    ‘our favourite celebrity power couple’
    • ‘They're a comfortably bourgeois power couple, educated professionals with two children and ample material possessions.’
    • ‘Together they are a power couple that the public flocks to see perform.’
    • ‘He is one of five children of a legendary Hollywood power couple.’
    • ‘They are indeed a power couple in the making.’
    • ‘Power couples in the media world are nothing new.’
    • ‘The indie rock power couple have collaborated on each other's CDs over the years.’
    • ‘They are one of the dance world's premier power couples.’
    • ‘We'll get perspective on the political power couple from a Washington Post reporter.’
    • ‘They are the ultimate power couple: smart, wealthy, and deeply in love.’
    • ‘Once Hollywood's hottest power couple, they saw their fairy tale marriage end in February.’