Meaning of power lunch in English:

power lunch

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  • A working lunch, especially one at which powerful politicians, executives, etc. hold important discussions.

    ‘They paid for Tim's taxis, Tim's wardrobe, Tim's power lunches.’
    • ‘Pick something you can wear for work, or for a power lunch.’
    • ‘I am here to study the art of the power lunch.’
    • ‘The convening of the ultimate power lunch has been much trumpeted by the American media.’
    • ‘That's the starting bid on eBay for a power lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffett.’
    • ‘In Los Angeles, people have power lunches.’
    • ‘Every lunch here could be a power lunch.’
    • ‘Terrazzo floors, plush booths and banquette seating add more subtle touches and the booths are perfect for intimate evenings and power lunches.’
    • ‘Mergers and acquisitions are about as fashionable as shoulder pads and power lunches.’
    • ‘Somebody just ponied up $620,000 for the ultimate power lunch.’
    • ‘Ciprianis is still the big place for power lunches.’
    • ‘And at the White House today, another power lunch.’
    • ‘Who waited on the table at their power lunch?’
    • ‘The power lunch is still very much alive in New York, says Variety.’
    • ‘The same goes for other purchases related to your job, such as that power lunch.’
    • ‘Deals are struck at power lunches and cocktail receptions.’
    • ‘"If you can have power breakfasts and power lunches, why not power naps?"’
    • ‘She starts with site visits or power lunches and tours of the school and moves to internships and hopefully to sponsorship.’
    • ‘More likely, it was because they were too busy braying, incessantly and self-importantly, into their cell phones, arranging power lunches and stock transactions’
    • ‘In this way they can have a power lunch and keep in touch with the office at the same time, without disturbing other customers.’