Meaning of power struggle in English:

power struggle

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  • A situation in which two or more people or groups compete for control in a particular sphere.

    ‘a power struggle between the FA and the Premier League was blamed for his resignation’
    • ‘a bitter power struggle ensued which would sow the seeds of the regime's eventual downfall’
    • ‘For the poor natives left behind, it's an uncertain time, filled with marauding Saxons and power struggles among local chieftains.’
    • ‘Her autocratic ruler is locked in a power struggle with Parliament, a conflict that is building inexorably towards civil war.’
    • ‘The narration (presented in Italian with English subtitles) is also more factually accurate and detailed, explaining certain power struggles and the bloody results of tribal conflicts.’
    • ‘With a general election approaching, a power struggle for succession begins even before the chairman is pronounced dead.’
    • ‘Their initial struggle for survival soon turns into a desperate and deadly power struggle between two groups, one humanist and civilised, the other savage and militarist.’
    • ‘There are hidden plots and power struggles to contend with, and he finds himself increasingly isolated from all but the most trusted people in his life.’
    • ‘The film is basically a comic dance, a power struggle between these two characters, and a showcase for the considerable talents of Winslet and Keitel.’
    • ‘Talk of power struggles between director and star have been commonplace since movies began.’
    • ‘Their power struggle inevitably leads to violence.’
    • ‘Rather than getting into a power struggle with your daughter, why not help her develop other strengths, just in case?’