Meaning of power user in English:

power user



  • A user of a computer system or program whose skills and expertise are more advanced than most other users, especially a person in an organization who is assigned additional administrative rights and responsibilities for that system or program.

    ‘I would imagine that most systems not set up by a professional admin or a power user are running from the admin account by default, because most users are unaware of the security benefits of isolating, or sandboxing, users.’
    • ‘Even within broad categories, be it a power user or a novice, per user approach differs.’
    • ‘Whereas previously it was limited to specialists and business analysts, it has extended its focus to include power users and business users.’
    • ‘This again is alright for the majority of users, but power users would probably like a more feature rich bundle.’
    • ‘If it costs less, the gamers and power users wanting unrestricted access would complain.’