Meaning of power walking in English:

power walking


mass noun
  • Brisk walking as a form of aerobic exercise.

    ‘After 5 more minutes of power-walking or jogging, walk slowly for 4-5 minutes as you head home.’
    • ‘Doing 30 minutes of aerobic exercise (like jogging, power-walking, swimming, biking or kick-boxing) five times a week will help put a spring in your step.’
    • ‘To take it easy on your joints, if you select a high-impact workout, such as running or jumping rope, pair it with a low- or no-impact workout, like power-walking or swimming.’
    • ‘After completing your 2 circuits, head outside and alternate 2 minutes of moderately paced walking with 2 minutes of power-walking or jogging.’
    • ‘Is swimming as good for cardio fitness and calorie burning as jogging or power-walking?’
    • ‘I quit lifting weights and now alternate running and power-walking almost daily for 30 minutes, but it's not working.’
    • ‘She dances six days a week and on the seventh day, she goes to the gym or does some nonballet activity, like power-walking.’
    • ‘He passed a young man jogging and two heavy middle aged women who were power-walking very slowly, their arms pumping up and down in what looked like slow motion.’
    • ‘And who knows, maybe I'll become one of those really annoying ‘morning people,’ the kind you see clad in head-to-toe spandex power-walking around your neighborhood at 6: 00 am on a Saturday morning, who beam and holler ‘GOOD MORNING!’’
    • ‘Finally reaching him after a long episode of power-walking in order to go faster than his long strides and in an effort to not look like I was exerting too much effort, I grabbed his arm.’
    • ‘Until then, I am power-walking 3 miles/day, with pushups and sit-ups daily as well.’
    • ‘I see the power-walking pair of ladies come upon our cloud of bubbles, and see the wonder and surprise on their faces as they search out the source of the miraculous little gift that appears, well, like magic.’
    • ‘A strong power-walking pace is 11 minutes a mile, the same as for slow running.’