Meaning of prayer beads in English:

prayer beads

plural noun

  • A string of beads used to keep count while uttering prayers.

    ‘Some Protestants are joining the other faithful who use prayer beads as a tool of devotion.’
    • ‘Here, a glass globe filled with liquid hangs inside an elaborate pod- or womb-shaped structure composed of alternating strings of Buddhist prayer beads and wooden abacus balls suspended from a freestanding wooden support.’
    • ‘Pulling the string of prayer beads from the chain at her waist, she brought it to her lips, sinking back to the floor in front of the statue.’
    • ‘Clutching what appeared to be a string of prayer beads, he told reporters afterwards he was grateful and intended using the options made available to him.’
    • ‘Her fingers kept working fast on a string of prayer beads.’
    • ‘Each carries a string of prayer beads provided by Muhammad as an attribute of their shared faith.’
    • ‘Christian components of Cajun healing draw on faith by making use of Catholic prayers, candles, prayer beads, and crosses.’
    • ‘It's common to use prayer beads to mark the number of repetitions of a mantra.’
    • ‘The Buddha's spirit lives in worshipers spinning prayer wheels at sacred shrines and among pilgrims who prostrate themselves in front of monasteries, keeping count of their solemn devotion with prayer beads.’
    • ‘Prayers converts pages of text into a chain of tiny prayer beads to be fingered during ritual recitation and meditation.’
    • ‘With clear minds we began the second session by making Buddhist prayer beads, which look similar to Catholic rosary beads.’
    • ‘When he returned he held out to her a circle of tight rose buds strung evenly spaced upon his thread - the first prayer beads.’
    • ‘I wandered among the demonstrators and saw that many were praying or fingering their prayer beads at the same time as they were responding to the speakers.’
    • ‘The seats are filled with some of the Vatican's top thinkers, including a dozen men in clerical dress, a nun in a flowing brown habit, and a Dominican priest whose prayer beads quietly clatter.’
    • ‘Even the daily practice of chanting rounds on prayer beads, although a period of personal devotion, was often done around others for companionship.’
    • ‘Her prayer beads never left her soft white hands.’
    • ‘She wears a Tibetan necklace of turquoise and coral that was given to her by a friend for good luck on our journey, and she carries her father's Tibetan prayer beads.’
    • ‘Instead of foot patrols, saffron-clad monks circumambulate Buddhist temples in the pre-dawn light, armed only with prayer beads.’
    • ‘Most sell prayer beads made from the local black ‘amber’, a shiny obsidian-like rock which flakes so sharply it can inflict a deep cut on unwary fingers.’
    • ‘One was a peculiarly reclusive and dramatic fellow who preferred to sit in the darkness, wearing sunglasses and twirling his prayer beads.’