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prayer book

Pronunciation /ˈprɛː bʊk/

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  • A book containing the forms of prayer regularly used in Christian worship, especially a Book of Common Prayer.

    ‘That means people who have used the manuals from June 2000 until January 2001 are without a prayer book for Lent, Easter and springtime.’
    • ‘Following some history and a broad look at what an Anglican prayer book likely contains, the author considers particular rites in more detail.’
    • ‘When Charles determined to force the Anglican prayer book on the fiercely Calvinist Scots, it sparked open rebellion.’
    • ‘To be sure, the prayer book used on the Sabbath and festival days was chock-full of petitions for the day when God would gather His people from the four corners of the world and draw them to the land He holds so dear.’
    • ‘At the same time, the ritual magnetism of night drew them to gatherings that included extemporaneous elements of worship as well as the prayer book.’
    • ‘He ordered that they should use a new prayer book for their church services.’
    • ‘This volume fits my twin criteria: solid scholarship, combined with a sense of why the psalter is the prayer book of the synagogue and of the church.’
    • ‘Indeed, one might almost think of the Book of Revelation as the hymnal, prayer book, and guide to the ceremonies of heavenly worship.’
    • ‘There are toddlers, feeble octogenarians walking while reading a prayer book, and even a pilgrim with a brass trumpet who is eager to serenade the company.’
    • ‘The recovery of the Eucharist as the normative liturgy of the Lord's Day is another significant development of the 1979 prayer book.’
    • ‘The man sat down next to me and opened his worn prayer book.’
    • ‘Peter goes to his Roman Catholic church every Sunday, and every day he reads from a prayer book.’
    • ‘Use of the prayer book is prominent in the midst of all of this.’
    • ‘In this context, the Psalter has a special place, since it served as the prayer book of the early church.’
    • ‘The Scots wanted simple and plain prayer services while the new prayer book required more ritual and grandeur.’
    • ‘He didn't take the service from the prayer book.’
    • ‘Cranmer and a commission each drafted a scheme for a prayer book, and these were discussed in Edward VI's reign, leading to the successive issue of the Prayer Books of 1549 and 1552.’
    • ‘The opening passage of a thousand-year-old Christian prayer book discovered in Ireland does not say that doomsday is near.’
    • ‘During Jefferson's presidency a friend observed him on his way to church, carrying a large prayer book.’
    • ‘The prayers are based on the English prayer book.’
    service book
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