Meaning of pre-book in English:



[with object]
  • Book (something) in advance.

    ‘a lot of her customers pre-book their accommodation’
    • ‘Services are pre-booked in advance by telephone.’
    • ‘They had pre-booked the ferry sailings in advance - a legitimate company could barely have moved the goods that quickly.’
    • ‘The new centre, which aims to cut waiting times for patients, will offer patients high-quality, safe, fast pre-booked surgery and diagnosis facilities, and could be up and running from next year.’
    • ‘Diagnostic treatment centres are intended to provide quick, pre-booked surgery and tests for patients by separating planned, routine operations from unplanned or emergency treatment.’
    • ‘But since a dentist left the practice last month, letters have been sent out cancelling pre-booked appointments because no other dentists are available to fulfil the commitments.’
    • ‘And if the demand is less on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, we could still have pre-booked appointments then.’
    • ‘Facilities on site for both events are to include a concert restaurant, licensed bar, pre-booked mini-marquees, tables and chairs and a concert shop.’
    • ‘We have had tremendous response to date, to the extent that very many spaces are now pre-booked before we actually embark on the actual marketing.’
    • ‘These tours are usually pre-booked for a week of touring with a one-night stay in different hotels across the country.’
    • ‘There are two categories of ticket - pre-booked priority and walk-on.’
    • ‘Remember that unless the minicab is pre-booked by phone the driver and his company are working illegally and the passenger uninsured.’
    • ‘The two walkers had pre-booked accommodation at a farmhouse but he decided to find his own accommodation as the evening wore on.’
    • ‘She declined to comment on claims that customers who pre-booked rink time were not given sufficient warning about the shutdown.’
    • ‘In every port of call pre-booked day trips are available for a fee or passengers can make their own arrangements to see local sites of interest.’
    • ‘More than 200 people pre-booked places for both the reunion and the history conference.’
    • ‘They also pre-booked their passes to Florida's theme parks with the travel agent, as it was offering a special deal.’
    • ‘The Palace is not open to the public, although pre-booked visits can be arranged.’
    • ‘Many people have pre-booked train tickets too.’
    • ‘Others have cars standing by, pre-booked fast vehicles for escaping the country, and those are the two real options that they would have.’
    • ‘For the newly titled Ladies' Day this Friday, pre-booked parties will be chauffeured to and from their home and provided with a picnic.’