Meaning of pre-eminent in English:


Pronunciation /priːˈɛmɪnənt/

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  • Surpassing all others; very distinguished in some way.

    ‘the world's pre-eminent expert on asbestos’
    • ‘We asked William Diamond, pre-eminent expert in international taxation, for his picks.’
    • ‘The Taj Mahal, in spite of its pre-eminent position in our heritage hierarchy, has not escaped this fate either.’
    • ‘He's the world's pre-eminent expert on psychopathy and a regular advisor to the FBI.’
    • ‘The two pre-eminent experts at giving directions are my flatmate Mike and my father.’
    • ‘It enjoyed a pre-eminent importance within the context of the federal building program in Dawson.’
    • ‘Yet the long history of the Bank and its pre-eminent position in the City of London meant that its views had an authority and weight belied by the legal position.’
    • ‘Latterly, he became the pre-eminent expert on Egyptian inscriptions.’
    • ‘Robert Parker, the pre-eminent American, falls into this group of experts.’
    • ‘I questioned a prominent economist from one of the country's pre-eminent economic institutions.’
    • ‘Next year the Times Literary Supplement, the pre-eminent British literary periodical, is 100 years old.’
    • ‘One of the pre-eminent landscape architects of her day, Gertrude Jekyll, did the landscaping side of the work.’
    • ‘Since the 18th century, the Orange Order has been the pre-eminent social and political forum for Protestants.’
    • ‘Margery Allingham is pre-eminent among the writers who brought the detective story to maturity in the decades between the two world wars.’
    • ‘Robert Blatchford, a former North Yorkshire policeman, is now one of the region's pre-eminent genealogists.’
    • ‘Scott Joplin is regarded as the pre-eminent composer of ragtime compositions.’
    greatest, leading, foremost, best, finest, chief, outstanding, excellent, distinguished, prominent, eminent, important, major, star, top, top-tier, topmost, famous, renowned, celebrated, illustrious, towering, supreme, superior, exceptional, unrivalled, unsurpassed, unequalled, inimitable, incomparable, matchless, peerless, unmatched, arch-, transcendent
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Late Middle English from Latin praeeminent- ‘towering above, excelling’, from the verb praeeminere, from prae ‘before’ + eminere ‘stand out’.