Meaning of pre-establish in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpriːɪˈstablɪʃ/


[with object]
  • Establish (something) in advance.

    ‘I did have the sense to pre-establish that there was sufficient room for me’
    • ‘Points 12 and 13 pre-established a fixed salary per year for the first three years of activity for each bookkeeper.’
    • ‘Her article explores the phenomenon of fan fiction - stories written by fans of television shows, books or movies that use pre-established characters, settings and histories.’
    • ‘Those who succeeded in their application would be allocated a European country according to pre-established quotas.’
    • ‘Generally, dialogue has no pre-established agenda and in dialogue there is nothing to prove or defend.’
    • ‘It also explicitly makes no attempt to give any pre-established explanation or paradigm.’
    • ‘That's what ideology is all about: it's brash and catchy because it's simplistic and pre-established.’
    • ‘It may be advisable to pre-establish a legitimate (preferably UN-mandated) legal framework for vetting pre-hostility exploration agreements.’
    • ‘The €3m fund in the fourth investment plan will be used for direct investment in pre-established and bare land afforestation supported by EU and Irish government grants.’
    • ‘He is supposed to be remunerated for this out of RTO funds with a pre-established interest [20%] that was established by the prior Board.’
    • ‘One further case of separation, in Africa, was much bloodier, when Eritrea achieved independence from Ethiopia by reverting to pre-established colonial boundaries.’
    • ‘Primarily, an economy hedges itself against losses from withdrawal or retreat from other pre-established markets.’
    • ‘In fact, most cases of assault take place within the confines of a pre-established relationship.’
    • ‘The enquiry was highly selective and used only to support pre-established positions.’
    • ‘A pre-established admission criteria should be used to identify patients who need a face-to-face interview versus those who can be interviewed by telephone.’
    • ‘In the longer term, the mill plans to impose tighter log inventory controls, reducing on-site storage and bringing in a range of pre-established log lengths to fill its orders as required.’
    • ‘The analyst does not begin research with a series of pre-established and theory-led questions to be explored in the data.’
    • ‘But, alas, you simply can't beat casino games with pre-established odds against you.’