Meaning of pre-loved in English:



  • Second-hand.

    • ‘pre-loved toys are just as appealing’
    • ‘The sale provides the opportunity for people to pick up great bargains on a wide range of reading material and children's pre-loved toys.’
    • ‘It is also home to the legendary Afflecks Palace from where I have purchased many a pre-loved item in my quest for sartorial elegance.’
    • ‘I don't know which book I read that in, but I know where it will be: gathering dust on the shelves of my Country Home, along with a thousand other pre-loved tracts that I deserted when I moved to London a decade or so ago.’
    • ‘Everything is pre-loved and not exactly fashionable, but if you look hard enough, and regularly enough, you'll find those little gems that can make your day.’
    • ‘She would sit down and read at the Jardins de Luxembourg, meander past the stalls along the river Seine, searching for pre-loved classical books.’
    • ‘International Food, cakes and preserves, exquisite craft, homemade sweets and lollies, pre-loved clothes and books and heaps more.’
    • ‘When I left my book lists at the local shop, I specified that I wanted as many as possible to have been pre-loved.’
    • ‘All are in search of a good bargain - and the hidden treasures amid someone else's discarded pre-loved junk.’
    • ‘Your Chanel suit might be pre-loved, but you'll end up looking like a supermodel.’
    • ‘Using a few pre-loved components, you can put together a basic system for less than the cost of a good quality stand-alone DVD player, and you get to use it for CD's and MP3's too.’