Meaning of pre-order in English:


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[with object]
  • Place an order for (an item) before it is available for purchase.

    ‘click on the link below to pre-order the DVD’
    • ‘The company's newest product, the iPad, can now be pre-ordered online.’
    • ‘In the last week, about 50,000 or 7,000 a day have been pre-ordered.’
    • ‘Believe me, I'm gonna pre-order my copy!’
    • ‘A standard edition, without the lunchbox packaging, can still be pre-ordered here.’
    • ‘There are plenty of links at the website to places where you can pre-order both.’
    • ‘Gamers can also join the beta test by pre-ordering the game at select retailers.’
    • ‘Downloading the single also gives the chance to pre-order a limited edition digital version of the album.’
    • ‘I made soup from organic vegetables which I had pre-ordered from a list of goodies from small scale, local producers.’
    • ‘Click right here to pre-order a copy from Amazon.’
    • ‘Landmark is offering customers who pre-order a 10 percent discount.’
    • ‘Customers will be able to pre-order their iPad starting on March 12.’
    • ‘You can start attempting to pre-order any time you want, folks.’
    • ‘You can now pre-order your copy from our online store.’
    • ‘The book certainly appears like it will be worth a read - I have pre-ordered a copy from Amazon.’
    • ‘A big thank you to all those who have pre-ordered - we haven't forgotten you.’
    • ‘You can pre-order it at the link provided below.’
    • ‘Customers that pre-order an iPad can choose to have their tablet delivered, or reserved for pickup at their local Apple Retail Store.’
    • ‘Microsoft said even before the game went on sale, fans had pre-ordered 1.7 million copies.’
    • ‘Yes, Walter, I bought a copy and have pre-ordered the first expansion pack.’
    • ‘With all the other international sites, you can pre-order this item now.’


  • An order for a product placed before it is available for purchase.

    ‘pre-orders have already put the book at the top of the bestseller lists’
    • ‘Across the Atlantic, phone company O2 has had to stop taking pre-orders.’
    • ‘Most Hong Kong based retailers seem to be accepting pre-orders already.’
    • ‘We will have t-shirts for sale very soon & will be accepting pre-orders for them immediately.’
    • ‘Elevator just hit shelves there, with pre-orders at 12,000.’
    • ‘The Massage Parlor action set is already generating many pre-orders according to Hasbro.’
    • ‘I purchased a few more games today, plus several preorders in the last several days.’
    • ‘Apple is off to a strong start with iPad pre-orders, with approximately 240,000 in the first two weeks, according to an estimate.’
    • ‘Amazon is taking pre-orders for an expected March release.’
    • ‘We will be taking pre-orders for the GM Screen at our online store in a few days.’
    • ‘Lexus claimed a record 11,000 pre-orders by late fall for its luxury hybrid SUV, the RX 400h, out in early 2005.’
    • ‘Sony is finally taking pre-orders for its Reader ebook handheld in the UK at 199, ahead of the Amazon Kindle.’
    • ‘The first twenty pre-orders will also receive a specially burned Christmas cd of some favorite holiday tunes.’
    • ‘Each pre-order will be accompanied with a Group Ticket Letter.’
    • ‘The most likely explanation for the delayed delivery for new pre-orders is that the first batch of iPads is already sold out.’
    • ‘Remember that you can place a pre-order for the screen now at our online store.’
    • ‘Along with your pre-order, you will receive a free Print of one of my affirmations.’
    • ‘Apple introduced the iPad in January and will begin taking pre-orders on March 12.’
    • ‘Apple still has not announced a ship date in the UK, and is not currently taking pre-orders.’
    • ‘Last week the high street chain Woolworths issued a press release saying that it was taking a pre-order for a PS3 every 20 seconds.’
    • ‘Although two years behind schedule the A380 already has 14 airlines with pre-orders committing themselves to 173 planes.’